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Here is his story as told by Kimberly:

"When Norman was only weeks old he started having seizures and recently in the last month or so they have stopped but he now has neurological issues which possibly could be due to the seizures.

"He spins around in circles, runs into things, which could be caused due to some blindness, eye movement is not normal and his head and body twitch.

"I have been working with him all day with his sensitivity to human touch and I feel like there is high hopes for this little guy. He truly is the sweetest puppy and wants to be normal but his little mind doesn't allow him to.

"I hope to raise needed funds to get him to a neurologist and see how we can help this little one. He would melt your heart if you met him and if you did you would understand why I can't just give up on him."

Please donate what you can to help Norman.  Put "for Norman" in the notes field at the bottom of the Paypal screen. Thank you for your help!


August 23, 2017

Kimberly Saxelby has a new rescue that needs evaluation  by a  neurologist.

Help needed to send Norman to a specialist

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About Kimberly's Strays

Kimberly Saxelby is a volunteer animal rescuer. She goes out on the street and saves stray dogs and cats, abandoned baby squirrels and rabbits, or any other creature that needs help. She takes no compensation for her tireless efforts. She needs your help to fund these often expensive rescues. Through Tail is Up Foundation, your tax deductible donations to this page will go directly and only to pay vet bills and care for Kimberly's strays.

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