October 27, 2017

Kimberly Saxelby has a new rescue that needs surgery immediately to save her life

Help needed to save Pumpkin's life

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About Kimberly's Strays

Kimberly Saxelby is a volunteer animal rescuer. She goes out on the street and saves stray dogs and cats, abandoned baby squirrels and rabbits, or any other creature that needs help. She takes no compensation for her tireless efforts. She needs your help to fund these often expensive rescues. Through Tail is Up Foundation, your tax deductible donations to this page will go directly and only to pay vet bills and care for Kimberly's strays.

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Please donate what you can to help Pumpkin.  Put "for Pumpkin" in the notes field at the bottom of the Paypal screen. Thank you for your help!

This little one is going to require a surgery to save her little life. After testing negative for FIV, Felv and Pan leukemia, they found that she has Vascular Ring Anomaly. This is when an embryonic band of tissue, which in utero turns into the heart's major blood vessels, did not dissolve properly and now is constricting her esophagus making it difficult for food to pass.  The esophagus in front of it is stretched out like a backed up hose. This explains why she is vomiting after she eats and is so emaciated and lethargic.

She most likely was dumped in the parking lot intentionally because of being a sick kitty. She is not feral and is one of the sweetest loving kittens I've ever met. She still has it in her to purr when you hold her.

Her only option is to have a surgery that the shelter cannot perform so she will need to go to a specialist and they quoted us $3000 with the shelter/rescue discount.

Kimberly stated, "I can not let her just be put down.  There is a reason I parked where I did to eat my lunch and saw her so I can't just give up on her. I have to try to at least raise as much as I can to save her little life. We named her Pumpkin."