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Did you know that you can donate to charity any time you shop on Amazon if you go to smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com? Please consider selecting Tail is Up as your preferred charity!

Please donate what you can to help cover the cost of treatment for Kimberly's strays. The page may not show the latest rescue so please put in the notes field on the donation screen which animal you are donating for. . Thank you for your help!

By the time you read this, this "Little Booger" will probably have a different name, but we all know which little dog this is.  She is the little booger who evaded Kimberly for 17 days and is now safe, but very sick,



KImberly's rescue efforts have  been coming in fast and furiously!  There are now multiple rescues needing donations for medical treatment.  We will try to have a picture posted of the animal you want to donate for, but Kimberly is often faster at posting than we can keep up with! So please indicate in the notes field the name of the animal you are donating for so we can be sure to allocate to the one you are helping, even if you do not see a picture here. Thank you!  Your donations are saving lives!

Tail is Up Foundation, Inc is a recognized 501(C)3 non-profit, #3845710. Your donations are tax deductible.


Kimberly Saxelby is a volunteer animal rescuer. She has been going  out on the street for years to rescue stray dogs and cats, abandoned baby squirrels and rabbits, or any other creature that needs help. She takes no compensation for her tireless efforts. She needs your help to fund these often expensive rescues. Through Tail is Up Foundation, your tax deductible donations to this page will go directly and only to pay vet bills and care for Kimberly's strays.