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He is a very sick kitty and after getting him tested to see if he had FIV, Felv, FIP unfortunately I was given the news that he is FIV positive, which is going to make if even more difficult in getting him to a rescue or adopted since he has to be living either as an only cat or with other cats that have FIV.

The vet said that all his canine teeth are broken in half with the nerve exposed and badly infected so you can imagine the pain he is experiencing. This is the reason we believe he hardly opens his eyes due to the pain and infection. He has other fractured teeth and horrible gingivitis. He also is very lethargic so he will need a full blood panel, urinalysis and x-rays to see what what's going on with him.
As for now he is on antibiotics and pain meds till I can figure out how I'm going to raise enough money to get him the needed medical care which is not going to be cheap.

He is currently at a friend's house staying nice and warm and of course loved till we can find a more long term foster or rescue to take him. The staff at the Chipotle where he hung out and ate named him Pinto so this sweet fella's name is Pinto.


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Fundraiser for Pinto is closed!

Thank you all who helped

Today was bitter sweet, I'm beyond happy we finally caught this sweet boy after weeks and weeks of going back and forth to Glendora, Ca. to try and catch him. It was one of the biggest challenges for us because of how he would stay down in a storm drain most of the time and was being fed by numerous people everyday which made it difficult to trap him.