Tail is Up Foundation

Homeless People Love Their Pets.

Homeless people care deeply about their pets & would refuse shelter if it meant abandoning them. Tail is Up is now venturing into the area of assistance for pets of the unsheltered. There are numerous issues where the homeless could use help with their pets. Some are obvious, some not so obvious.


Tinian was reunited with her person after receiving vaccinations and getting her Emotional  Support Animal (ESA) Certificate

Traveler needed medicine to treat his allergies. He is now in foster care while his person is in jail awaiting trial.

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1. Pet food & a consistent water supply
2. Medical treatment & medicines for illness or injury as well as spay/neuter, vaccinations & licensing
3. Equipment such as dog beds, leashes & collars
4. Fees to obtain an ESA (emotional support animal) Certificate, which is required for being accepted into some shelters.
5. This is an important one, and often overlooked. Pay to get a pet out of the pound when a homeless person has been arrested & their pet seized, as well as interim foster care for that pet during the person’s incarceration.

Please help us help our homeless neighbors with their beloved pets.