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CALL TO ARMS! Our beloved El Monte Valley is under siege by sand miners who  want to destroy the sand habitat and the creatures who live there by ripping out their homes for profit. This page is dedicated to promoting awareness of and gaining public support for  stopping the sand mine project.  Donations made on this page will be used to further that goal.  Thank you for your help!

The Spadefoot Toad is only one of many wildlife inhabitants of El Monte Valley that is threatened by the sand miners.  Your tax deductible donation here will be used to bring about more awareness of the threats to our Valley through Save El Monte Valley outreach campaign.  Please help if you can!

SAVE EL MONTE VALLEY for the Animals

There is an on-line petition set up through change.org that will be mailed to the San Diego County Board of Supevisors before the sand mine  project comes up for a vote. Let's send a strong message to them by signing this petition! Get your friends to sign too!

Tail is Up Foundation, Inc is a recognized 501(C)3 non-profit, #3845710. Your donations are tax deductible.